Compo Craze Concealer

Before and After

To all our loyal customers

      I understand that many of you have been concerned that we went out of business over the last year. We have not! My husband finally retired this last year and went right to work planning all kinds of trips for us to take. This along with some other family issues made it difficult for me to dedicate the time to Sandra Lee Products that I once did. I am sorry for any stress this may have caused you, and I hope you will give us a chance to make it up to you.

      Since I no longer have the time necessary for Sandra Lee Product, I have decided to go ahead and join my husband in his retirement full time. And I have now turned the daily operations of Sandra Lee Product over to my two daughters, Tonja and Elisa. If you ever purchased products from us at a doll show you most likely met one or both of them. They have both been involved with Sandra Lee Products since the beginning, and are both very knowledgeable about our products and their uses. We will continue to offer all the doll products you have come to know and love.

     I will remain the owner of Sandra Lee Products, but I will not handle the every day business of running it. In addition my daughters decided to take Sandra Lee Products to the next level , and you can now place orders securely on this website, and even contact us by email (or should I say them). We hope that most of you will take advantage of this new capability as it will make the process of fulfilling your orders much more efficient.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding,